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Every outlet had that story, so Grovum waited until the closing bell on Wall Street to share the story with a new headline focused on the company's stock closing 4.
Please disregard the headlines that ran on Dow Jones Newswires between 9:34 a.
UPDATE: Yeni Akit later changed the headline to remove the word 'pervert.
Interestingly, the headline was not among Musetto's favourite that he wrote for the newspaper.
The headline though appears nothing more than a cheap shot at the protesters.
Using a carefully constructed sentence as a headline seems like an advantage with no drawbacks.
For example, I won't write a headline on this piece, but I'll dip back into the page later and if night editor John Williams has come up with something which has me scratching my head, I may think about re-writing this column
I think there is a direct connection between the two contrasting headlines as, apparently, sexually abusing 14-year-old girls does not warrant a jail sentence in this country?
In the example of headline "Unexpected Visit", the questions the readers can ask themselves are: from whom?
This headline uses performative verb "caution" that is a very strong indicator of the illocutionary force.