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Several of his former colleagues over the years recalled how the headline may not have been what it became.
For further discussion on the remaining headlines and to also learn how you can create a click-worthy headline of you own, read Harrow's latest article, "5 of the Most-Read Headlines of All Time C and How to Write Your Own", posted here: http://bit.
For example, I won't write a headline on this piece, but I'll dip back into the page later and if night editor John Williams has come up with something which has me scratching my head, I may think about re-writing this column
I think there is a direct connection between the two contrasting headlines as, apparently, sexually abusing 14-year-old girls does not warrant a jail sentence in this country?
The headline was eventually removed, and ESPN was forced to apologize Saturday.
It was a very sad event and I do not want to diminish it in any way, however I must protest at the constant pessimistic, downbeat, harmful, depressing, unenthusiastic front page headlines.
Players write a new headline to go with the picture they receive, then fold back the picture so that just the new headline shows.
The empirical evidence presented here indicates headline and core measures of inflation are co-integrated, suggesting long-run co-movement.
Locators should be used in headlines when necessary to tell the story.
The Sun's Managing Editor Larry Fugate said he wasn't aware that the headline made the A JR and added that he didn't hear of any feedback from the paper's readers about the supposedly violent service club.