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Editors emphasise the importance of a story by giving it a big (splash) headline. This editorial and typographical technique is intended to ensure the chances of a reader accessing the story and reading it.
But headlines are just one component in the telling of a story.
Demi Lovato spoke up about her body making an article headline where she was described as having a 'fuller figure.'
"It does not preclude me from interpreting the stories even if I just glance at the headlines."
Trevor Nelson headlines the True School Clubhouse, while Toddla T heads up the Shubz DJ Tent.
Editor-in-Chief of Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm Mohamed al-Sayed Saleh - File photo/via Al-Masry Al-Youm CAIRO -- 20 April 2018: Al-Masry Al-Youm's former editor-in-chief, Moahmed El Sayed Saleh, was ordered to be released on LE 10,000 ($568) bail pending investigations into the newspaper's election-related headlines. Also, the newspaper's eight correspondents in question were also ordered to be freed by the State Security Prosecution, which had previously summoned them, along with Saleh, for enquiry over headlines alleging that Egyptian voters were mobilized by the state to participate in the presidential vote, insinuating that the electoral process was marred by the state's direct intervention.
"I was worried going into it maybe headlines are boring.
The Dow Jones said a "technical error" led the newswire to publish false headlines on Tuesday morning that said Google was buying Apple.
Facebook Inc's News Feed will show fewer "clickbait" headlines over the next few weeks, the company announced Thursday, as it seeks to establish itself as the prime web destination for news and social updates.
We probably see 100 headlines like these everyday while scrolling down our Facebook timelines or reading local new sites--or maybe even going straight to the source with sites like Huffington Post.
In an interview to The Miami Heral d in 1986 he said: " The average guy probably thinks that whoever writes headlines for The Post probably never got past third grade.
It can take a while to realize that Inside.com is a news aggregator without headlines. It turns out that headlines were yet another bad bad choice imposed on us by the limitations of paper.