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The letter stated: 'The competent authority has directed that no primary, elementary, high and higher secondary school will be left without headmasters, headmistresses, senior headmasters or headmistresses and principals.
Local MNA Ghulam Bibi Bharwana and the local MPAs have expressed their anger and dismay over venting anger on poor headmaster by the DCO.
To (comma) the headmaster (comma) gor (full stop) model primary school Ghorwala (full stop) Sir (comma) I beg to say that I am ill (full stop) So (comma) I cannot come to school (full stop) Kindly grant me leave for one day saat tareek, ek maheena, san 2018 (January 7, 2018) (full stop) I shall be thankful to you (full stop) Yours obediently (comma).
He added that later the headmaster presented bogus salary bills of the 48 ghost educators before the officers of the DAO who passed the bills without verification.
Headmaster while I was at Carleton 1979 to 1984 - always fair and totally dedicated to the school.
These recommendations included shutting down a private evening secondary school in the south of Riyadh due to a high absentee rate reaching 97 percent, and dismissing four headmasters of private secondary schools for boys and one private secondary school for girls in the east of Riyadh.
This research which is conducted between the 2014-2015 educational period is carried out by six headmaster working in the schools related to Ministry of National Education in the city center of Trabzon.
Mr Lock, headmaster of Warwick School, said: "I am certain that we have appointed a worthy successor to Guy Canning and that the Junior School will continue to thrive in the years to come.
The headmaster made the declaration as Jim left school, aged 17, part way through his A-levels.
Thinking the headmaster said "Hitler", the squaddie fired off a couple of rounds.
In June the headmaster of a nursery school in Bishnupur asked the parents of the boy not to send their ward to attend school.
Join the conversation on our Facebook page face com/poolecho But he was replaced by deputy headmaster David Edmunds on an interim basis after the Easter break and the school said it was recruiting a new headmaster.