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Last week's episode proved that the headmasterly Will Self is more than a worthy replacement for '50s throwback Mark Lamarr as a team captain, and The Most Beautiful Car in the World section is easily better than the Dove from Above round.
Elleray also preferred a headmasterly warning when lesser offences than Roy Keane's studding of Zola might have teased out the yellow card.
It is probably a cliche to compare him to a headmasterly figure, with his brown suit, comfortable brogues and gentle terrorism of latecomers, but before that image could go too far he had swapped his jacket and glasses with a much larger and blinder audience member and later swapped the shoes and scarf of two women.
There are Blair's headmasterly grimaces to check inappropriate jokes from his bawdy communications director Alistair Campbell and others, but beyond that we never get a clear measure of the man.
He was repeatedly ordered to shut up by headmasterly Presiding Officer Sir David Steel.
One of Africa's longest serving leaders, President Daniel arap Moi has been a stern, headmasterly presence, not widely loved but respected and even admired by many, albeit grudgingly.