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In the novel, Tom, a student at Rugby School in the time of Thomas Arnold's headmastership, is harassed by the school bully, Flashman, but overcomes his trials.
I have assumed the Headmastership of Hale School with the intention of maintaining and developing a first class school.
But Powell remembered with unwavering admiration the dominating headmastership of Cary Gilson, fellow of Trinity, Cambridge, and the skills of his staff: It was in spite, not because, of the environment that the masters achieved the superb standards of academic attainment.
A letter to the Rev John Tucker dated August 1828 from Dr Arnold, on taking up the headmastership of Rugby School, referred to the moving of his household furnishings.
By the time Mulcaster resigned from the headmastership of Merchant Taylors' School he had published Positions, the first of his garrulous and contorted works on Education, and had written a substantial part of another, The Elementarie.
Some of his controversial writing, however, was clearly responsible for stormy passages in his headmastership.