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Responding to their comments, Kgosi Kgari apologised to those who said they were not informed by their headmen, stating that the headmens should have called meetings and addressed them.
Ballia (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Aug 20 ( ANI ): A minor girl was allegedly gangraped by a police constable and the village headmen in Reoti area in Ballia.
Var of Village Headmen Zafer GE-leE-en showing the cameras
05) Scheffe's test showed that authenticity is more positively valued by managers at the first level of management (director, deputy) than by the headmen (p [less than or equal to] 0.
Hasan Edemem, a 31-year-old teacher, worried that the village headmen would not give priority to those most in need of shelter.
Headmen of the country's two religious communities are throwing around political statements, says Toni Angelovski for Vreme.
Fine tracks include Goffin and King's Hi De Ho, James Taylor's Fire And Rain, Holland Dozier Holland's Take Me In Your Arm, and our own Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi's 40,000 Headmen.
From a literacy perspective, he takes early modern period to begin at the end of the 16th century when the administration of rural communities fell to headmen of the agricultural class, and end in the middle 1880s when centralized education was imposed on all school-aged children.
Please support us and stay strongly behind us," said Penan headmen in July.
These points counter anthropologists' and historians' dominant view that precontact tribes in the lower Columbia River Valley rarely had headmen who led large military leagues.
Since that time I have repeatedly noted in historic photographs of Plains men that chiefs or headmen often carried pipes with unadorned round stems and large T-shaped stone bowls.
Three village headmen assigned to the election committee and three policemen deployed to guard them were injured, delaying the opening of the two polling stations in Srisakorn.