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Data from the headperson survey and focus group discussions further suggest that communities have lost access to forest areas they previously had access to.
When asked about decision making related to forest management, nearly half of all household survey respondents identified the Headperson as the most important decision maker with respect to forests; a quarter identified the Chief (Table 4).
The village headperson data also show that forest governance is in the domain of customary authorities.
Further, 99% of household survey respondents that cleared forestland for farming reported requesting permission from either the Chief or Headperson (Table 6).
Forest Management Forest Rights Holder Regime State Land National Forests The Forestry Department Local Forests The Forestry Department National Parks and Department of National Wildlife Reserves Parks and Wildlife Customary Land Game Management Department of National Areas (GMAs) Parks and Wildlife Open-access forests Chief and Village Headperson Leasehold Land Leasehold Title Holder of leasehold land title.
The majority of Zambia's forest land is customary land, managed by headpersons and chiefs under traditional law.
Headpersons administer customary land at the village level on a day-to-day basis (Adams 2003, Brown 2005, Sitko et al.
The only elite status recognized through Sijitus is that of the family headperson for their wisdom and guidance.
Each family will also identify their headperson (generally an Elder).
It is up to the family to replace their headperson and spokesperson when necessary, through family consensus.
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An ethical certificate for this study was obtained from the Research and Ethics Committee of the College of Medical Science, University of Benin, and permission was sought from the Ministry of Education and the headpersons of each primary school and the principal of each secondary school.