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In September 1987, Bob Kingston in No 10 wrote to inform her private office: "I am concerned that, when the PM dozes in the official car, the design of the headrests is such that, far from supporting her head and neck, they cause her head to drop forward.
The charity say that headrests should be aligned so the top is aligned with the top of the head and right up against the back of the head.
We bucked up and picked the trendy Bill Jordan Realtree AP Snow camo pattern and added headrest covers The front seat covers cost $341 and the rears, $331.
The risk of the depressed fracture from pin fixation has to be balanced by the benefits of rigid fixation, and the risks of using other head rests, especially for prolonged operations, where there is a risk of skin damage by pressure from a headrest, such as a horseshoe headrest.
Optimal positioning of headrests, especially in older cars, helps to reduce the effect of whiplash.
According to an Insurance Bureau of Canada study, only 14 per cent of drivers on the road have their headrest in the proper position.
Its interior styling comprises eight passenger seating, Bose AM/FM one CD inA[degrees]dash audio sysA[degrees] tem with nine speakers, MP3/WMA playback, speed sensiA[degrees] tive volume control, 7" screen TFT display for vehicle informaA[degrees] tion system, dual rear headrest DVD, auto dimming inside rear view mirror with compass, subA[degrees] woofer, auto driver positioning with memory, pedals, leather appointed seating, wood tone trim, heated front seats, padded centre front armrest (replaces Tray), footwell lamps and sunviA[degrees] sor with mirror and illumination.
The Comfort Airlite BodyChoice massage table is 29 inches wide; 73 inches long (85 inches with its headrest), has a height range of 24-32 inches, and can support 500 pounds of working weight.
The aircraft will feature Boeing's Sky Interior new, custom-designed seats featuring a six-way adjustable headrest and the carrier's standard three inches of recline in the main cabin, according to Alaska.
Which politician was accused of trying to hide the fact he was travelling first class after aides removed train headrest covers for a TV interview?
It has a recessed, padded headrest and padded gunrest, plus fast-access dual side flagging holes.
The seat is fitted with cushion airbag and, to give a clear view, the front passenger headrest can be electrically folded down, while all rear seats have an electric recline adjustment.