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9 cm) long and represents a significant improvement in metal quality over the original Duesenberg heads.
Babies born with 38-cm heads had a risk of brain cancer nearly double that of the average group.
Before its adventures are over, Barrada's severed head will take flight and deliver a politically subversive message to an astonished populace: You may take solace in fantasies, the head announces, but those fantasies are the source of your oppression.
LTO and SDLT formats utilize magneto resistive heads that are able to support higher densities and data rates, while minimizing the negative impacts of temperature and humidity variations.
SolveTech sees recent competitors' moves into dual-sided heads after the nip as a vindication of its pioneering approach.
Frost says that researchers are beginning to use videos having such high speeds that they may reveal whether flying insects also stabilize their heads.
The widest range of designs has been developed for clamping the head sections together, all with the purpose of producing short compound changeover times and the minimum amount of scrap.
Head coach/last appearance: Philippe Troussier/none
By '82, Nemak sought out the technical expertise of Fiat's Teksid division a leading global producer of aluminum cylinder heads, to help get the struggling casting producer on track.
in the past year, dramatically increase the number of tracks that can be written and read on a surface of a disk drive platter as compared to the current technology of conventional thin-film inductive recording heads.
The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is sending more than 150,000 audit letters to individuals who filed their 2005 tax returns using the head of household filing status, according to the FTB.