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The lads' search takes them to the desert, and while Ash is happy to retreat to the local pub after Dean makes a run for it, Brax, pictured, heads off into the night to find Dean, and when daylight arrives, he follows him.
Summary: Gunmen shot dead eight members of a family and cut the heads off some of the bodies on Monday in a mainly Sunni area outside Iraq's capital
However, Daz is less easy to persuade, and heads off to see his hospitalised half-brother, who assures him that Jo is spreading lies.
Brother was the brother of us brothers who took his fish-cutting knife and with this knife that we used to chop off the heads off of our fish and to gut the guts out of our fish, Brother took his knife and he stuck it, this knife, into this fish's eye.
When Blair heads off abroad at the end of the week, we'll be in the sweaty hands of John Prescott.

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