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The role of female household headship on education of children has attracted considerable interest in Pakistan as well.
Chapter 7 ('Debating the Headship of State--Monarchy to Republic?
During the Great Recession, household formation and headship rates among young adults declined substantially.
For example, a long-term downward trend in headship rates for Hispanics has recently slowed, while a similar trend among younger age groups appears to be continuing.
where Headship = Occupied units/Population and MF share = Occupied MF units/Occupied units.
The survey says: "In a controlled world where access to headship is governed by the successful completion of the National Professional Qualification for Headship qualification something is seriously wrong when the equivalent of 40 per cent of posts require re-advertisement because they are not filled during that recruitment round.
This volume expands the debate by involving Roman Catholics and liberal Protestants in the discussion and by examining male headship from ethical and political perspectives in addition to exploring the relevant biblical and theological arguments.
The headship qualification, run by the National College, is mandatory for all those applying for their first headship post.
A total 98 teachers from Cheshire, Liverpool, Halton,Sefton, Warrington, Knowsley and Wirral are among 328 from the North West to gain their National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH).
He said: "The NCSL's (National College for School Leadership) work on encouraging women into headship has been valuable for drawing attention to the issue at national and regional level.
The two-year-old Skelton Cross was working together with the tug Ormesby Cross which was acting as the headship.
Among newly qualified teachers aged 41-50, 84% described themselves as ambitious, with 15% saying they would like to reach head or deputy headship in the space of five years, compared with 6% among their counterparts aged 21 to 30, previous research has found.