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There is little evidence that homeownership rates have followed social trends similar to those seen in birth rates or headship rates.
Chair of the National Governors' Association, Duncan Haworth, will give direction on how to handle headship interviews along with Bath University's Professor Chris James, himself a school governor.
The revised National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) is being rolled-out across the country following a successful pilot last year.
The first half of the book contains essays in support of equal-regard marriage as a Christian alternative to older formulations of male headship, and the second half consists of five essays critical of the proposed change.
He said: "The NCSL's (National College for School Leadership) work on encouraging women into headship has been valuable for drawing attention to the issue at national and regional level.
Some, such as Robert Godfrey, contend that male headship is a scriptural idea that authentic Christians cannot fail to embrace.
Potential headteachers will have to achieve the Scottish Qualification for Headship, a module-based qualification.
Restrictions on Medicaid funding for abortion accounted for about half of the increase in female headship among blacks, while new state parental notification requirements contributed modestly to the rise in the proportion of white women heading single-parent families.
The Government's new Qualification for Headship was originally intended to be a voluntary scheme.
Henry gained from this friendship a theological mentor and ecclesiastical safe-passage through his matrimonial adventures; Cranmer and the Church of England gained the doctrine of Supreme Headship and steps toward evangelical reform.
In the late 19th century, encyclicals proclaimed the inferiority of women, condemned as heretics those who taught the equality of the sexes, and insisted as well on the headship of men over women in marriage as the Lord's permanent will.
The faithful must inform their consciences in the light of the teaching of the Roman Pontiff and of the bishops throughout the world when they speak in union with and under the headship of the Pope.