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EXECUTIONER. The name given to him who puts criminals to death, according to their sentence; a hangman.
     2. In the United States, executions are so rare that there are no executioners by profession. It is the duty of the sheriff or marshal to perform this office, or to procure a deputy to do it for him.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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If Madeline stands for the elite classes who, from the perspective of the headsman, actually get to enjoy, her deferral of enjoyment reveals how even the capitalist/aristocrat never achieves what the system of consumption promises.
I see the headsman withdraw and become useless, I see the scaffold untrodden and mouldy, I see no longer any axe upon it, I see the mighty and friendly emblem of the power of my own race, the newest,largest race.
of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Popeye; 2 The Kursk; 3 The Yeomen Of The Guard; 4 Cat Deeley; 5 Harold Macmillan; 6 Pumping Iron; 7 Ernie Els; 8 Thirteen; 9 John Mortimer; Public hangman and headsman..
The headsman, with his wolfish face, is clad in the gaudy striped frippery of the disbanded Swiss mercenaries who plagued Germany for many years.
The day after the opening, Fleet Street couldn't get enough of Duncan Meadows, the hunky, hairless Covent Garden busker who'd been recruited to play the mute role of the headsman, Naaman; his full-monty finale made him an overnight star, even in the once-starchy Times.
But that was long enough for her life and tragedy to impact the course of British history with her struggle to supplant her sister, Elizabeth Tudor, from the throne of England that ultimately ended with her death at the headsman's axe.
History being largely written by the winners, Mary Tudor became notorious for her lethal persecution of the Protestants, her unceasing efforts to deliver Britain to the Catholics, the loss of Calais to the fledgling British empire, and her decades long struggle to gain control of Britain that was to result in years of confinement by Queen Elizabeth and her eventual death at the headsman's axe at an advanced age.
As a Headsman for today's Dog Soldiers, I hope we will be leaders in carrying our traditions and customs forward in a way that others can understand and respect.
At the time he was hired, his uncle was the official headsman in England, working under the name of John Ellis.
In the story of efforts to save brave soldier Colonel Fairfax from the headsman's axe in the Tower of London, Ann Lyon sparkles as strolling singer Elsie Maynard, while Ian Allen is an impressive Jack Point, the tragic jester who loves but loses her.
In the pausing comma that follows that vocative we have time to hear the faint echo of the axe: might this be Gretchen, summoned from prison by the 'loud' invocation of Faust, only to confront the headsman? Granted another Voice, von oben, she is redeemed.