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EXECUTIONER. The name given to him who puts criminals to death, according to their sentence; a hangman.
     2. In the United States, executions are so rare that there are no executioners by profession. It is the duty of the sheriff or marshal to perform this office, or to procure a deputy to do it for him.

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I see the headsman withdraw and become useless, I see the scaffold untrodden and mouldy, I see no longer any axe upon it, I see the mighty and friendly emblem of the power of my own race, the newest,largest race.
LINWOOD TALL BULL (Northern Cheyenne) is a cultural consultant and Headsman for the Dog Soldier Society, Chief Dull Knife College, Lame Deer, Mont.
But local cripple Fabio (Eddie Marsan), who feels he was passed over for the headsman job, stirs up trouble for the young marrieds, while Brother Bernhard (Lee Ingleby) seems to be in on a plot to destabilize the church's authority.
37) A private execution in the Tower could not forestall violence, as a mob attacked the headsman, and Francis Bacon's justification of the government's actions, published under the royal arms, (38) did little to stem the unrest.
Excavations were carried out in 1999 and as at Adventure Bay focused on the crew barracks and the quarters of the senior headsman, with artefacts recovered from shallow accumulations of refuse in and around the buildings (Figure 3).
Since the Lewis and Clark expedition, there was a movement toward the appointment of a principle headsman, empowered to negotiate, speak for, and enforce political decisions on behalf of the entire tribal nation.
Threatening to "squash vermin while it's small," the headsman has the boy cast out.
The scene is Switzerland, and Cooper, following his long-continued attack on feudal society and aristocratic traditions, shows the folly of a custom that the son of a headsman (executioner) must follow his father's vocation.
The vicious face of the Baptist's executioner (lips drawn in, eyes narrowed) persists in the history of Art from the headsman in Cranach's Martyrdom of St Catherine to the vile flogging workmaster at Bridewell Prison in the final engraving of Hogarth's Harlot's Progress.
BERLIN "The Headsman," a complex medieval tale about a compassionate village executioner who takes on the Catholic Church, attracted an impressive team of veteran independent producers from across Europe, but it was Hungary's new tax incentive scheme that provided the necessary thrust to get the Austrian pic rolling.
If on one level, then, Korda the populist, anxious to court a patriotic audience and to please the conservative circles in which he wished to move, clearly speaks through the disgruntled English headsman, so also Korda the emigre craftsman (and still more obviously Biro the emigre artist), proud of his superior technical skills and aesthetic principles, speaks through the French master with his regard for finesse and contempt for the journeyman abilities of the English.
It took three strokes of the axe to sever his neck and the headsman held the head aloft by its long, fair hair, saying `God save the Queen