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A series of 8 to 16 minnow traps were set at the headsprings and downstream of eight spring systems over a two-year period.
Two earlier campaigning organisations, the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) and the Commons Preservation Society (CPS) were the main headsprings of the National Trust.
Itgeliin alkham herder group is planning to create jobs through goods production by processing cattle wool manually, without harming the environment and the other herder group intends to create jobs in addition to fencing and protecting the headsprings, reducing soil erosion by planting a grove and resolving the irrigation issue by building a pond.
The following trapping efforts were made each month: 8 to 16 surface traps and 2 to 8 bottom traps (1 m deep) near the headsprings of Diamond Y Spring and at Monsanto Well, 8 to 10 surface and 8 to 10 bottom traps (1 m deep) in the spring pool at East Sandia Spring, 8 to 12 surface traps in still water along the U.