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com to represent his Picture Perfect Headstone and Markers to potential licensees over the next 2 years.
Brendaleigh's mum Kelly, now lives in Lupset, Wakefield, but returned to the cemetery yesterday to see the new headstone put in place on what would have been his daughter's 10th birthday.
This is the poignant headstone on the grave of Lynda Bellingham - celebrating a lifetime spent on stage and screen.
The Newark archdiocese, the largest single provider of in-ground burials in New Jersey, must give up a lucrative companion business--the marketing of headstones and private crypts --under a bill signed into law March 23 by Gov.
Workmen were shocked to discover three headstones in the walls of Dwylan's chip shop in Llangefni, which was destroyed in a blaze in August.
Remarkable stories behind the headstones of Pembrokeshire's graves will soon revealed in book form, thanks to the dedicated and painstaking research of a local historian.
My father used to work here in the past and 10 years ago I received a commendation for my work at Ranville Cemetery, so 10 years later to be able to lay the last headstone here in Bayeux is a privilege.
A FAMILY have laid flowers at the wrong grave for 13 years - after a mix-up over the placing of a headstone.
FRIENDS of a rock 'n' roll fanatic from Coventry who died last year hosted a gig to raise money for a memorial headstone.
CINCINNATI -- An Iraq war veteran's towering SpongeBob SquarePants headstone has been removed from her final resting place because officials at the historic Cincinnati cemetery deemed it inappropriate for their traditional grounds.
Grey paint was splashed over one headstone while others were pushed over and pebbles and family mementos scattered during the incident which is believed to have occurred sometime between Thursday and Saturday morning.
A granite headstone will last a lifetime - helping you keep memories alive for generations to come.