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Headstrong leader was retired, and an unknown one was promoted.
Shah next plays a headstrong headmistress of an academy in Netflix original 'Selection Day' and the actor said she yearns for more such parts.
When Peter Pan, leader of the Lost Boys, loses his shadow, headstrong Wendy helps him to reattach it.
False Flag pits nations against each other with two headstrong women front and center.
In contrast, headstrong behavior and attention problems were reported in 16 percent of survivors treated without brain irradiation but that combination of symptoms was not reported in survivors who received brain irradiation.
Elm Park 3.20 Sandown SP forecast 10-11 Headstrong performance put paid to his chance in the Derby, but his previous six-length third to Golden Horn and Jack Hobbs in the Dante at York remains top-class form.
Alongside this they run a number of other clinics; including a benefits clinic; Headstrong, which provides advice and support for people who have hair loss due to treatment and Look Good Feel Better, which aims to boost the confidence of patients, by helping them cope with the appearance-related side of treatment.
The reasons for taking the vow are a lack of sufficient men in a family to carry out the men's work, or the lack of a headstrong man to become the head of the family.
The free HeadStrong service at Calderdale Royal Hospital and Huddersfield Royal Infirmary offers advice to breast cancer patients who are set to lose their hair due to treatment.
A POEM about my dear departed grandmother) A pillar of strength from the day I was born, A presence of love, from my first blink, to first yawn, You gave your whole heart, in all that you did, A shining example, to this young kid, Headstrong, determined, and set in your ways, I'm lucky to have witnessed your will in those days, Family came first with your at the core, A friendly wide smile as you came through the door, Your beloved pet dog lain there at your side, Your protector, so loyal, with vigour and pride, You gave so much effort, your heart and your soul, Your family's wellbeing, your ultimate goal, The passage of time is an old fickle friend, Unkind to you towards the end, But never a day will go and pass, Where I don't think of you, dear Sacriston lass.