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These rivers captured the sediments of an interior drainage basin by headward erosion of some small Mediterranean coastal rivers (Verges et al, 1996).
Escarpments Strong saline seeps in dissected areas generate escarpments as discharge drives headward erosion 11.
The trans-state Missouri River was created by progressive headward erosion of streams radiating from structural/topographic basins.
Continued action of the winds on the quarry site, however, often results in the initiation of bank collapse on the windward side, permitting linear blowouts to erode headward from the site wall towards the windward slope of the dune.
2] of the headward part of the canyon, between 80 and 360 m water depth.
Changes in sediment conveyance can also change systematically as a result of headward erosion of rills and gullies, changes in runoff due to storm water management, or related factors (Faulkner and McIntyre 1996).
Headward migration of the Lower Otter Tail River eventually led to the capture of the Pelican and Upper Otter Tail rivers and the beheading of the Pomme de Terre River.
If we return to Zeta in the Dragon's body, the next star working headward is actually a pair, [Psi.
The Oraibi split, which occurred in the context of a prolonged drought (1865-1905) and the headward entrenchment of Oraibi Wash that made floodwater irrigation impossible, is thus an expected outcome of the unequal distribution of land and the control of this important resource by a few descent groups.
Astronauts notice stuffy sinuses as a result of this headward fluid shift, but there are far more serious side-effects.
Zelma Lake; Wolfe and Turner, 2008), thermal erosion along ice wedge troughs, or headward erosion by streams.
Further rainfall events entrain and translocate more dispersed soil material, resulting in both headward and tailward linking of cavities into a continuous tunnel system (Laffan and Cutler 1977; Boucher and Powell 1994; Zhu 2003).