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These curves flatten as headwind increases as well, so adding only 15 knots into a 50-knot wind, it gets you almost as far as adding 25.
Taken together, these headwinds and a slowing pace of innovation lead me to predict that the economy's long-run rate of growth of per-capita real GDP over the next 25 years or so will be 0.
The chart below depicts three different airplanes, capable of three different no-wind speeds, and their resulting groundspeeds when flying into the same 30-knot headwind.
A chilling report from LOMA, on the possible impact of the subprime mortgage crisis on life insurance sales, actually underscores the direction of that headwind.
But as you get close to the ground, that 10 knot headwind falls off to five knots, increasing your groundspeed.
Laurence Hedditch of Deloitte says IPOs are more likely than FTSE jumbos to be buffeted around in a turbulent headwind
The forecast winds (from 150 degrees at 20-30 knots) at the 11,000-foot altitude I needed to be above most of the minimum en route altitudes along the route would present a headwind most of the day.
91 seconds into a strong headwind, seemingly unaffected by the news of his five compatriots' positive drugs tests.
25 in the semi-final, again into a strong headwind.
Ian McCafferty, of the CBI, said: "It's a much more prolonged headwind we will be driving into, a headwind rather than a short, sharp shock.
I would be absolutely devastated not to do that this summer with all the training I have done," said Merry after winning over 200 metres at Loughborough last weekend when she ran 23/22 sec into a headwind.