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The average difference between the headwind and the tailwind is 60 miles per hour, but Fujita has documented a case with a differential in excess of 172 mph.
So, for example, in recent years the appropriate real rate structure doubtless has been depressed by the headwinds of balance sheet restructuring and fiscal retrenchment.
3, also into a headwind, and there was bronze as well for Claire Pearson who qualified from the heats of the 100 metres hurdles in third place in 14,46 before improving her personal best, and the club record, to 14.
Richard Hughes, who rode a double on the opening day, said: "It is firm but there is loads of grass and there was a strong headwind.
03) second in the women's 100 into a headwind of 1.
Uniquely designed as part travel guide, part adventure novel, Drifting on a Headwind chronicles some of Harlan's most classic and incredible journeys to Belize, San Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Tanzania and more.
Not only did competitors have to content with a strong headwind in the closing stages, but there were also large pools of water on the course.
59sec into a headwind, and then completed the 800 metres in 2min 30sec.
Beautiful day: With the exception of a strong headwind over the final few miles, the weather was ideal for runners.
Headwind, who goes best when fresh, can complete the double by making a successful return in the Glengoyne Highland Malt Handicap Chase (4.
86, before winning the final - three and a half hours after her first run, and into a headwind - in 11.
Chris Tomlinson had to settle for third place in the men's long jump into a strong headwind at the Norwich Union international in Birmingham.