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Tis the gift of youth to be rash and heady," the trapper calmly retorted.
With this parting injunction, Mr Swiveller emerged from the house; and feeling that he had by this time taken quite as much to drink as promised to be good for his constitution (purl being a rather strong and heady compound), wisely resolved to betake himself to his lodgings, and to bed at once.
It's an exhilarating and hilarious journey into the heady world of TV evangelism and the seamy underworld of cult organizations.
Pretty heady stuff for the humble package of instant noodles - the just-add-hot-water, way-under-a-dollar snack that now commands a colossal world market.
The heady whiff of the barricades has gripped French film directors 20 years after their last major political protest.
This slinky silk scarf isn't half affordable Heady in here A SLINKY silk scarf adds a suitably 70s flourish to any outfit and provides an element of security if you're going for a breezy low-cut top.
04,'' which reminds you of the heady ``I Want Your Sex'' from ``Faith,'' he shows he can be catchy and adult.
So much so, that industry professionals are right to fear a repeat of the late 1990's when a heady, euphoric journey ended in a car crash.
The dance art offered is colored by heady entertainment values.
But what makes the painting really sing is, first, the beautifully judged nocturnal light that envelops the scene without diminishing its clarity, and then the heady profusion of the almost abstractly rendered foliage all around--not doggedly literal as it might have been in one of Kozik's earlier pictures, but rather joyfully abandoned, manifesting the sort of libidinal overflow that is more explicitly signaled elsewhere in the painting.
It's a very demanding role, physically and vocally, and Keith proves himself up to it with a robust baritone in the first-act soliloquy and a sweet, heady tenor in the prayerful ``Bring Him Home.
Although the articles are aimed at a general audience, there is no guarantee that the difficult concepts and theories discussed will be readily understood--this is heady stuff.