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It is curious and important to note that when Jesus heals Simon's mother-in-law (4:39), Jesus "rebukes" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) the fever, the very same action by which Jesus deals with evil spirits, gaining control over them and sending them away.
11) Kofi Appiah--Kubi, Man Cures, God Heals,: Religion and Medical Practice amonq the Akan of Ghana, Friendship Press, New York, 1981, pp.
2 million fractures diagnosed in the United States each year, up to 10 percent don't heal properly, says Thomas A.
Harlan recounts how she met the wealthy Afro-German Josef Ehelich von Fremd and his personal bodyguard, Nicholas Love, who witnessed her first healing and now travels to the towns where she heals to testify to her authenticity.
They went to camp, met people, learned to trust, and started to heal.
During the Civil War and again in World War I, battlefield physicians saw that soldiers' wounds infested with maggots tended to heal better than non-infested wounds.
I think the hospital of the future will say that it heals everyone who comes through its doors.
When soft tissues begin to heal and regenerate, continued movement and stretching of the muscles and tendons-will stimulate further healing.
The wound did not heal and the payer incurred exorbitant expenses.
The healer needs to enter into the symbol system of the sick person in order to heal.
To achieve it, Fabrega unites the biological aspects, disease, with their cultural and social expressions of disability and pain, together with the technical and social efforts to heal within societal structures.