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Then Ferko recognised the mouse whose front paws he had healed, and replied, 'Alas I how can you help me in a matter that is beyond any human power
Ferko at once recognised the wolf whose broken leg he had healed, and told him what he had to do the following day if he wished to escape with his life.
So saying, she wiped the ichor from the wrist of her daughter with both hands, whereon the pain left her, and her hand was healed.
There, within the mighty sanctuary, Latona and Diana healed him and made him glorious to behold, while Apollo of the silver bow fashioned a wraith in the likeness of Aeneas, and armed as he was.
The hunters are looking for a shooting scrape at any moment between Smoke and Henderson, whose old quarrel has not healed, while Wolf Larsen says positively that he will kill the survivor of the affair, if such affair comes off.
Once healed, the polymer substrate of the self-healing sensor demonstrates sensitivity to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), with detection capability down to tens of parts per billion.
He healed the sick and told people that the kingdom of God is here.
1c approaches an ideal self-healing scenario: the damage is healed many times and no accumulation of damage leading to catastrophic failure occurs.
Here [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] looks like an illness that is healed.
Divided into ten chapters that mirror the therapeutic sequence and an equal number of appendices, this volume provides useful insights for both healers and those being healed.
Is being healed always in the best interest of the patient?