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As a teenager, the healer rejected the responsibility that came with accepting his grandfather's medicine bundle.
Over their lifetimes, one in four people are affected by these disorders; however, most disconcerting to Master Healer Pankaj Naram is that three out of four people with severe disorders will receive no treatment.
Releasing the Divine Healer Within - The Biology of Belief and Healing" is an important reminder to every believer of the indwelling power the divine healer within each of us.
According to Lisa, the healer said, "Today's your lucky day
According to the healer, this prescribed mixture activates the nerve endings and opens the blood vessels located anatomically in the lower abdominal part.
Last month, for instance, a self-proclaimed healer in Bern was sentenced to nearly 13 years behind bars for having injected 16 of his patients with HIV-tainted blood.
House healers can dissipate bad energy caused by wireless internet or geopathic energy," she added.
But, at the end of a 10-hour shift and when he had been asked to work two more hours, he used the painful arm lock to make Mr Healer respond to questions, the judge said.
The Mirror reported on Wednesday how the music mogul, who also has homes in England and Spain, had hired a mysterious healer to banish negative energy from his Los Angeles property last weekend.
However, experience shows that by turning to a faith healer, consumers are likely to be disappointed by the results and it could be an expensive lesson to learn.
Traditional healers are the first to be called for help when illness strikes the majority of South Africans.