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Finally, positif Periotest measurements on single crown should be considered as normal when values on healing abutment are between -3 and 0.
The healing abutment was removed in attempt to identify a foreign body.
This meant that the patient had to wear complete interim removable dentures, discharged at the healing abutment sites, for a minimum of 2 months.
Caption: Figure 1: Implant placement and ISQ measurement in a patient with partially regenerated bone (Group B): (a) a mucoperiosteal flap is raised and the partially regenerated bone is exposed; (b) the implant site is prepared in the partially regenerated bone; (c) the implant is placed in the partially regenerated bone; (d) the Smartpeg is connected for ISQ measure; (e) ISQ measure at placement; (f) since a satisfactory high primary implant stability is achieved (IT [greater than or equal to] 45 N/cm and ISQ [greater than or equal to] 60), the implant is not submerged and the transmucosal healing abutment is placed.
On the 7 1/2th month recall, a metal healing abutment (collar) replaced the gingival formers (Fig5) and an impression was made with Rubber base material using a two stage impression technique for final prosthesis.