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Though certainly there are some healings that have been confirmed by science's entourage of medical testing as "not scientifically explainable," the vast majority of healings are experiential and anecdotal--hence subject to questioning.
One thing the research seems consistent on, though, is that while prayerful healings occur in every part of the world, they predominate in cultures that are less influenced by the scientific, rational, and technical mind.
Ordinary Catholics praying over others for healing -- for arthritic knees, for depression that started with a job loss, for an addiction to alcohol or nicotine, or pornography?
No one familiar with the American Catholic scene will claim that healing prayer ministry is routine in parishes across the country In fact, many Catholics have never seen other Catholics respectfully and prayerfully place their hands on the heads or shoulders of other people to pray in a way that's described in the Gospels and in the Acts of the Apostles.
Damage is partly removed in each healing cycle, but after several cycles the material runs out of "healing power," and catastrophic failure occurs.
In order for healing to occur properly, it may be necessary to temporarily relax the loading conditions.
In this way of telling God's good news both healings and exorcisms become powerful demonstrations of the primary conflict that serves as the dynamo for Mark's story.
The general exorcism of the congregation had given way to individual exorcisms and healings.
1) And when writing to the Corinthians Paul acknowledged that healings are graciously granted gifts (charismata) of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 12:9-10).
This is indicated by the numerous people who were healed by Jesus or drawn to Jesus on account of his healings (Matt 4:23-25; Mk 3:7; Lk 6:18-19; see also Acts 9:42) without becoming his disciples.
Several healings are mentioned which are not explicable scientifically.
The charism of healing is the power to invoke spiritual, emotional, psychological, social, or physical healing as a sign of the Holy Spirit's powerful presence in the world.