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Since joining Ford in 1990, Barb Samardzich's accomplishments include: -- Being named executive director with responsibility for nine Ford Motor Company cars, minivans and compact SUVs; -- Setting the vision for the engineering teams that will launch the all-new, next generation 2005 Ford Mustang this fall; and -- Transforming the engineering processes behind Ford's transmissions, including development of the Shift Quality Health Chart customer satisfaction test.
The Company also intends to offer a web-enabled vital-signs monitoring e-kiosk in the first half of 2000 that will allow consumers to measure their vital signs and to have those measurements downloaded automatically into their personal health chart at Lifeclinic.
Summary: JEDDAH - Saudi Arabia's banking system has topped the financial health chart in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and showed more resilience to the consequences of the financial crisis than its peers in the GCC region, thanks to the prudent regulations of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) and the well diversified loan portfolio of local banks, according to KIPCO Asset Management Company's (KAMCO) report on A'GCC Banking Outlook'.
Despite being unsatisfied in the bedroom, the Men's Health chart found that Ulster woman still put their partner's needs first.