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Of those persons with symptoms recorded, 139 patients (68%) met the PAHO epidemiologic case definition and among these, CHIKV was recorded on 47 (34%) of these health charts. Other diagnoses recorded were: "acute viral illness/viral illness" (58%); "CHIKV versus dengue" (5%); and "dengue" (1%).
in the reefs of northeastern Brazil had brown colonies (Coral Health Chart: D5, D6, normal pigmentation for Siderastrea spp.) (Fig.
The prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis in three studies of two regions in Serbia and in the central Belgrade population study Region/area of Total Male Female study Zlatibor * 0.253 0.104 0.397 Registry (0.217-0.288) (0.0478-0.155) (0.352-0.442) * Dobanovci ** 0.224 0.033 0.407 Health chart (0.214-0.234) (0.027-0.039) (0.389-0.424) Mladenovac ** 0.220 0.070 0.350 Health chart (0.18-0.27) (0.04-0.12) (0.28-0.44) Belgrade++ 0.183 0.087 0.287 Population study (0.169-0.197) (0.071-0.101) (0.259-0.314) * Reference [8]; ** Belgrade area; ++ Reference [6]; * 95% confidence interval (CI).
The book has seven chapters and three appendices, including: the causes of back pain, recent research findings, longterm back health, the benefits of exercise, exercise precautions, exercise programs and progressions, a healthy back quiz and stress screening, a health chart, and references and resources.
Summary: JEDDAH - Saudi Arabia's banking system has topped the financial health chart in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and showed more resilience to the consequences of the financial crisis than its peers in the GCC region, thanks to the prudent regulations of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) and the well diversified loan portfolio of local banks, according to KIPCO Asset Management Company's (KAMCO) report on A'GCC Banking Outlook'.
A member of staff covers her modesty with a health chart for the July page.
Despite being unsatisfied in the bedroom, the Men's Health chart found that Northern woman still put their partner's needs first.