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The role of a health coach can be compared to that of a behavior analyst assessing problem behavior through the four-term unit of analysis and developing effective interventions that are maintained over time.
With proper training, medical assistants are well suited for the health coach role.
Patients should see the pharmacist for their primary MTM consult, then the health coach for follow up.
Follow-up phone calls and in-person visits with the health coach were made available, but were not part of the structured curriculum.
In the health coach treatment model, health coaches supplement treatment by providing ongoing support, accountability and information to promote behavior change between treatment visits.
She said: "As a health coach I see many of my clients struggle to achieve their goals and the result can be unnecessary feelings of disappointment and failure.
And with My Health Coach, it is possible to maintain a healthy weight even with a hectic schedule.
The difference here is that everyone in our program, regardless of whether or not they have a chronic disease, will be required to have a health coach and work on a health action plan that will help them overcome any barriers to being healthy," Schneider said.
For the millions of individuals struggling to achieve optimal health, a holistic health coach is an easy, affordable way to gain control over your health.
I recognized that I needed to have a health coach because I was not improving and I was increasingly frustrated since I had not immediately healed.
The partnership brings HSI's award winning and validated programs—Chronic Care Professional (CCP) and Registered Health Coach (RHC) [R]—to qualified NIWH patient education and health behavior change professionals.
com)-- The Teen Health Coach, Linda Mandelbaum HHC AADP LE, will be headlining a free health, nutrition and weight loss workshop at the Hicksville Public Library on Long Island, New York, on April 2, 2013.

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