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Earl Ray Tomblin, the event's keynote speaker, called the project a health-giving partnership and a learning partnership that he hopes will serve as a pilot for similar projects elsewhere in West Virginia.
And the good news is that just about every other herb or spice used in the spicy meal has similar health-giving properties.
It's grown from a niche foodstuff into a valuable, health-giving commodity.
Omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish such as sardines and mackerel are said to have a wealth of health-giving proper ties.
What's more the new yogurt, priced at around [pounds sterling]1.59 for a 450g pot, provides an important source of calcium and natural vitamins, as well as the health-giving bio-live cultures to help improve and maintain a healthy digestive system.
While it is true that the unique spread does contain relatively high levels of salt, it is also the case that the average helping has far more in the way of health-giving vitamins than marmalade and jam.
For 'California Syrup of Figs' has the natural health-giving, invigorating, blood-purifying value of fruit.
The result is an impressive body of research, combining a thorough text with good pictorial coverage, a description and photograph of each herb or spice, including a description of its medical properties and its uses in the kitchen and home, with a major section on recipes and health-giving Arabian dishes and beverages.
She also details the threat of mercury in seafood and discusses how to balance that danger against the health-giving promise of omega-3 acids in fish.
HEALTH-giving honey is making pots of money as we forsake more traditional breakfast favourites jam and marmalade.
As long as people have been using spices to season and preserve foods, they have also sought their health-giving properties.
Trailing cranberries are this week's special offer - fruity beauties packed full of health-giving antioxidants, as well as vitamins and minerals.

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