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Majid bin Ali Al Nuaimi has honoured the jury of the Health-Promoting Schools competition, implemented in cooperation with UNESCO, the Health Ministry and the Civil Defence.
The findings of the projects have now been put together in a bakers' manual which will be made available to bakeries across Europe to encourage the production of health-promoting staple foods.
Research suggests that compounds which give colorful fruits their rich hues, especially berries, promote health and even might prevent cancer but, for the first time, scientists have exposed extracts from numerous berries high in those pigments to human saliva to see just what kinds of health-promoting substances are likely to survive and be produced in the mouth.
The objective of MoU between PARC and AVRDC was to alleviate poverty and malnutrition through increased production and consumption of nutritious and health-promoting vegetables and through scientific and technical cooperation The MoU between PARC and ICR-CAAS was aimed promoting the development of high yielding and insect and disease resistant cotton varieties and hybrids in the country.
BAKE4FUN responds to the needs of food SMEs of innovating food formulations and technologies to overcome the negative effect of iron fortification of bakery products on their sensorial characteristics in order to produce bakery foods with an improved nutritional profile and health-promoting effects.
The role of the nurse in health promotion and maintenance of a health-promoting lifestyle is significant in the present health care system.
HPSI is intended to increase the number of schools that can be called health-promoting schools.
We hope that both visitors and residents will take advantage of the health-promoting advantages of walking, as well as using local shops and cafes.
Further, aroniaberries, also known as chokeberries, contain health-promoting phytonutrients, including anthocyanins, a compound that may help to lower blood pressure.
Dr Ali bin Ja'afar bin Mohammed, Advisor (Health Affairs) at the Health Ministry and the Head of the National Team of the Health-Promoting Schools, distributed awards to the winning students at a ceremony held at the Health Ministry yesterday in the presence of Dr Jihan Taweelah, WHO Representative in the Sultanate.
Engagement in health-promoting behaviors has been a topic of concern to social workers since Jane Addams's involvement with the settlement house movement (Marshall & Altpeter, 2005).

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