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Attendees were surveyed in advance on their top three concerns or experiences on how an HIE can go wrong, and a top-10 list was compiled from 86 responses by BluePrint Healthcare IT, a Cranbury, NJ.
Another important aspect of this healthcare IT transformation is efficient and cost-effective access to specialized healthcare applications.
Until then, hats off to AAHP for a focused assembly that demonstrated understanding of and support for the real potential of healthcare IT to effect change in the delivery of treatment.
Listen to Ed Simcox's interview, "Lowering the Risk in Healthcare IT," on the Healthcare Insider radio network: http://ow.
WASHINGTON -- At a press unveiling this afternoon, GE Healthcare will demonstrate the newest addition to the Centricity[R] family of healthcare IT solutions, Centricity Advance.
Solution Provider Discusses Top Issues in Healthcare IT Today with The Healthcare Insider Radio Network

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