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Despite up-to-the-second conveniences, Americans routinely say that they don't have enough time to do the basics--eat healthfully, get enough sleep and relax with family.
Many of today's "convenience" stores are turning into the no-problem, fast food stores of choice for busy consumers who want to eat healthfully.
To maintain this growing pace: Keep warm, eat healthfully, and avoid smoking, so that your body can produce plenty of keratin, the protein that builds nails and hair.
I hope that acknowledgment can coexist with a dialogue around health and obesity that permits a still wide range of body types to live happily and healthfully.
That includes such things as sleeping or resting when you're tired--regardless of the time of day or night--eating healthfully, preferably with the guidance of a dietician experienced in cancer care--and getting some kind of physical exercise when you feel up to it, even if it's just walking down to the mailbox.
It seems to be in our nature in the West to think healthfully but not too strictly about the way we cook.
Aimed at teens, this book offers more than 150 tips on how to get high and relieve stress healthfully and naturally, without using drugs.
We anticipate that students will exercise more knowledgeably and more healthfully with the heart rate monitors; thus, accepting more responsibility for their personal wellness over time.
Element Fargo offers additional ways for guests to live healthfully on the road like complimentary signature RISE breakfast and RELAX evening receptions featuring savory food and beverage pairings, plus bikes to borrow and backyard BBQs.
8220;We want to encourage women to live healthfully and enjoy a wonderful quality of life.
Among the topics are healthy cooking and baking demystified, carbohydrate basics, fats and oils in foods and health, healthfully meeting fluid needs, weight management, and life cycle nutrition.
The Klean Athlete line is composed of seven nutritional supplements created to provide a safe and effective foundation to live healthfully, train smart, and compete at the best possible level: