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In contrast, nutrition information that is based on a varying baseline should make healthy choices considerably more difficult--especially in a shopping environment where numerous decisions must be made using dissimilar comparison baselines for a number of different products and categories of varying healthfulness.
To guarantee the mental and physical healthfulness of its followers, Islam prescribes a package of healthful practices and behaviors and imposes restrictions on such practices and behaviors which are more likely to damage mental and physical health.
The high ratings of these two foods, based on taste and perceptions of healthfulness, speak to the psychological satisfaction of the food.
The number of "competitive" foods in vending machines and on a la carte lines may make it difficult to evaluate the healthfulness of each item being sold.
Besides convenience drug chains benefit from the healthfulness of nutritious food and beverages.
Federal officials recently proposed raising the nutritional standards for school lunches or breakfasts, but the recommendations issued yesterday are the first national attempt to address the healthfulness of "competitive" school foods--snacks and drinks that often are sold to raise money for schools.
In a move aimed at improving the healthfulness of restaurant food, the New York City Board of Health recently voted to require that all of the city's restaurants remove artificial trans fats from foods by July 2008.
coli scare was over and emphasizing the healthfulness of spinach.
Also, when it comes to snacking--the combination of taste, healthfulness and portability--add up to the top considerations.
Key trends that can impact this idea are convenience and healthfulness.