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The new Change4Life campaign encourages parents to look for 100 calorie snacks, two a day max to help them purchase healthier snacks than the ones they currently buy.
At the end of the ceremony the Trust, which runs Sandwell, City and Rowley Regis Hospitals, was announced as overall winner of the Making Birmingham Greener and Healthier Award 2017.
1 thing we've heard from our customers is the desire for healthier food options," said Judy Sansone, senior vice president of CVS Pharmacy's front-store business.
United for Healthier Kids is a behavior change movement for children aged 3-12 years, where partners such as Nestl Pakistan, Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform, Lahore Grammar School, Jang Media Group, Geo Network, Service Sales Corporation, Silver Oaks School and Parwaan, among others.
Islamabad -- The United for Healthier Kids movement, which aims to instill healthier habits in children, was launched in Pakistan at an event organized by Nestle Pakistan where various partners came together to pledge "behtar kal, aaj se" - a better future for Pakistan's children.
They are designed to capture elements of the consumer nutrition environment including food availability, price, quality, and the presence of healthier options, based on typical purchasing patterns in a population and relevant population dietary guidance.
AMAJOR R report aimed at supporting the Welsh food industry to develop and sell healthier products has been launched.
The retail giant has started clearing out the unhealthy snacks to replace them with healthier alternatives by the end of the year.
New Medicaid recipients enrolling in die program as a result of the Affordable Care Act are healthier both physically and mentally than are pre-ACA Medicaid enrollees, according to a study in Health Affairs.
For the second year in a row, Delaware public health workers called on residents to adopt healthier lifestyles in the new year.
Consumers' focus on healthier eating has been fairly pervasive for several years.
The sounds of crunching and munching are long familiar to the convenience channel, but lately, they are taking on a healthier ring.