healthy mind

See: sanity
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He would soon present a healthy mind to the world again, and what did he or the world care if he was rotten at the core?
With the help of the great dictionary and the active intelligence of a healthy mind endowed by inheritance with more than ordinary reasoning powers he shrewdly guessed at much which he could not really understand, and more often than not his guesses were close to the mark of truth.
As to Phoebe's not being a lady, or whether she were a lady or no, it was a point, perhaps, difficult to decide, but which could hardly have come up for judgment at all in any fair and healthy mind.
This instinctive action never ceases in a healthy mind, but becomes richer and more frequent in its informations through all states of culture.
The self-reproach and contrition which are displayed in his remark appear to me to be the signs of a healthy mind rather than of a guilty one.
While addressing the inauguration ceremony, the mayor said the curricular activities for students are pivotal in order to nurture the minds of students; healthy body ultimately ensures a healthy mind and its growth.
He added that the importance of sports could not be ignored, as co-curricular activities were necessary for a healthy mind.
There should also be a nationwide campaign to promote physical exercise to ensure a healthy mind and body for all citizens.
Speaking on the occasion, Prof Hassan Shah told students that a healthy mind and body was the most precious gift, so they must protect it by adopting an active and healthy lifestyle.
He further said that a healthy mind flourishes in a healthy body.
Following closing, the combined company share the vision that good health can only be achieved by a healthy mind and a healthy body.
A business development manager at Liberty Life, Ms Gorata Kewakae said this during a wellness day held under the theme: 'A healthy mind within a healthy body, make fitness your priority, at Oodi recently.

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