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He demanded that Capital Development Authority should take steps for proper removal of the garbage heaps and cleanliness of the nullahs to avoid environmental and health problems.
Amir Ali, a resident of the sector I/10 told this scribe the citizens were suffering from various respiratory diseases due to the garbage heaps .
However, in the same vein as the military maxim that "the enemy always gets a vote" in a battle's outcome, a number of complicating factors often have votes in the outcome of a heap leaching campaign.
It wasn't perfect," Heaps said of his American accent.
Professionally competent and experienced surveyors however may go through the physical verification procedure by measuring the heaps with formulas as established with in the fraternity.
Mr Heaps (left) will succeed Ed Anderson as chairman at the conclusion of the Bradford-based society's annual meeting next April when Mr Anderson retires from the board.
This starts a series that graduates of Septimus Heap, as well as readers looking for an engaging new series, will love.
But a group of residents have formed the Save Heaps Rice Mill Campaign and will be asking people to sign a petition in Liverpool city centre tomorrow.
Heaps poured petrol through the home in Everton in December 2008 and set it on fire.
Heaps was traced with voice recognition software when police listened to the various mobile phone calls he had made.
Labourer Heaps, 44, poured petrol through the letterbox at the home of his former girlfriend's sister because he was bitter over their split.