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And a beginning is putatively hearable, as has been said, on the basis of the identifiability of the speaker as acting, just here and now, in the capacity of professor for the course by virtue of the other activities category-bound to professor with which he has been observably engaged.
2) guidance for the Sudan discussion on Wednesday"--is, moreover, hearable as resuming talk on a matter that has been introduced in an earlier class.
Not only Fowler number but all measured hearable intensity should be saved.
The notion of "hiring someone" is hearable as "hiring for sex," which indexes "compulsory heterosexuality" and secures Terry a position within stereotypical hetero-normative masculinity, which the others collude with through laughter.
Many things which occurred in the distant past are still occurring now, and if they are viewable or hearable over the Net, one can enjoy an experience very much like travelling forward in time.
Stafford, in these matters, looks to the palpable or hearable.