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As mentioned earlier, the methods have been used by the men of law and judges to make terrorist crimes prosecutable and hearable, though having certain uses, but represented several and unbearable problems.
I try to deliver each moment, each claim, in a way that will make it "hearable." I try not to be hyperbolic or reactionary.
There are laws of grammar which result from investigating the emergence of hearable root-words from the silent source-words.
They then ask (Step 2), "If the 'Good afternoon' is hearable as an announcement or an instruction [that the class is about to begin so that students should stop talking and start attending], the question is, how?" Following George Payne's classic analysis of the beginning of a school lesson they then start their analysis (Step 3) by proposing that,
There are three features of the sitter's turn which mark its difference from routine acceptance/confirmations: first, it is delayed; second, the turn initial item is a slightly extended "yeah," which could be hearable as expressing hesitation or unwillingness to produce an unequivocal endorsement; and finally, "ah've got my" projects a forthcoming report or telling.
Haiman (1998) refers to this as "caricatured courtesy." Such courtesy is bearable as ironic because of the disjunction that is created between its matter-of-fact or nonchalant tone and the hearable unbelievability of the putative content.
One of the most wide-spread and important is audiometric investigation, when sound intensity of different audio frequencies hearable for patient is measured.
WADSWORTH: When [artistic director] Emily Mann and Janice Paran, my editor, asked me to do The Triumph of Love at McCarter Theatre Center, I was given a mandate: This translation must be clearly "speakable" by American actors now, and immediately hearable by American audiences now.
A "position" can be specified by reference to how a speaker's contributions are hearable with respect to these and other polarities of character, and sometimes even of role.
Reeves (1983) has referred to such talk as 'sanitary coding' whereby racism is visible and hearable, while also deniable due to the deployment of mixed and contradictory discourses that are difficult to challenge.
Common knowledge dictates that teaching is done only in "hearable or teachable moments." When we think of the important professional relationships we have had, we usually think of the ones that facilitated teachable moments, were more circular in nature, and the ones that valued the journey, not just the goal.
It is part of the pain of telling to recognize that the story must be reduced to what is hearable, that it must be simplified.