hearing before the court

See: voir dire
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Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: "providing legal representation at the hearing before the court of justice of the european union in a case related to the examination of the questions relating to the decision fixing the amount of the annual stranded cost adjustment for 2009".
At a hearing before the Court in July, Vascular Solutions conceded that it would desist from any further use of the mark ELT, which Diomed alleged infringes Diomed's federally-registered EVLT(R) trademark.
The hearing before the Court to consider such approval is scheduled for Tuesday, December 14, 2004.
Final approval of the financing providing access to additional funding during the upcoming year is scheduled for hearing before the Court in September.
In a hearing before the Court, Mirant and MAGI agreed to amend the offering documents for the pending exchange offers and to provide additional disclosure about the lawsuit.
Currently, a hearing before the Court concerning plaintiffs' pending motion for preliminary injunction is scheduled for Oct.
biosys will be using an auction process to obtain bids from interested purchasers, and a preliminary hearing before the court has been scheduled for Dec.
Goodfriend has asked for and obtained an ex parte temporary restraining order that the company and the board of directors refrain from taking certain acts pending a further hearing before the court set for Monday, Nov.

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