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The presidency recently launched a new electronic service to provide updated information to people with hearing impairment and to answer their questions on religious matters.
To find out the strategies used by parents of child with hearing impairment.
Researchers concluded that hearing impairment in patients with RA is a multifactorial disease, since it can be affected by environmental and disease factors (smoking, rheumatoid nodules) as well as patient characteristics, such as age and behavioral habits.
To record brainstem auditory evoked response in high risk infants and compare with age specific normal response for identification of hearing impairment if any.
An astounding 81 per cent of the survey sample acknowledged having little to no awareness regarding the prevalence of hearing impairment
Most developing countries do not have legislation that mandates universal neonatal hearing screening, [8] and the majority of these countries still use risk-based screening for hearing impairment (risk-based screening is ineffective, as it fails to detect congenital hearing impairment in 50% of those who are screened).
There are no previous community-based prevalence studies of CSOM in Yemen, but a recent hospital-based case-control study (7) reported 59% hearing impairment in both ears in children with CSOM, with associated significant conductive deafness.
Quadratic weights were used instead of linear weights because we believed a difference between mild to moderate degree of hearing impairment was less important than a difference between moderate and severe impairment.
Medical measures of curing hearing impairment also rely on assistive technologies.
In addition antenatal and perinatal factors and events that could have influenced the hearing impairment in the "no risk group" was looked for to find any association with the hearing impairment.
Hearing impairment is very limiting as one cannot join social groups, go to the theatre, go out for meals and join in conversation, take part in meetings, even use shop checkouts when money is involved.
A council spokesman said: "Our staffing levels for children with a hearing impairment, including screening for new born babies and pre-school children, will still meet local need.

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