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Yet, it might be a little nostalgic to hearken back to those days in Clinton, simply to compare facilities then available.
Descriptive Names--ArtisticSense, ClearBenefit, IndividualTaste, SpecialSkill - Suggestive Names--ChangeKey, MyBehalf, PureState, WarmColors - Arbitrary/Fanciful Names--Diggery, InstantSky, Obladee, Regato - Real-Word Names--Affusion, Hearken, Quarterstaff, Unharness - Coined Names--Goodspring, Minestein, Orbiteer, Skyrider.
It does hearken back to the simplicity of a lot of my early records," Diamond said during an interview at a hotel near Vanderbilt University.
COM's most popular channels, producing original Web-based audio dramas that hearken back to the Golden Age of Radio when the theatre of the mind, the imagination, reigned supreme.
Coupled with an historical architectural flavor, the community will hearken residents back to a simpler time.
Our collectibles hearken back to a time when treasures like these were the norm," says Mitch Siegler, president of Treasures from a bygone era.
When I hearken to the first and greatest commandment, when I remember Yahweh, when I hear Jesus I know who I am.
It celebrates the brand's iconic mannequins, thought bubbles, and words of wisdom, with key San Francisco visual elements that hearken back to Benefit's home woven throughout.
Using tractor trailers as canvases, these works hearken back to the bygone era of widespread graffiti art on subway trains and the pages pop with colorful stylistic rendering of popular artists' names such as Cavs, TL One, Maze, Poet and Mone.
The authors of this working paper argue that reform should hearken back to the original FDA rule.
No one wants to hearken back to the era of Prohibition.
Like most early 20th-century antiques, many are collectible and hearken back to an era when things were made to last.