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Perhaps the candidates are hearkening back to yesterday because they know the American people are unhappy with today, and Barack's followers aside, are not looking forward to tomorrow with any anticipation of great days ahead under either party.
Like Hank and Larry, there's a couple (Mall McGrath and Justin Theoroux) who can't quite break up, and, hearkening back to Bernard, there's a token African-American (Hilly Porter).
The Old South as India, there are remarkable similarities: the consternation with a particular period when outsiders ruled (Reconstruction, the British occupation); a hearkening back to a golden age; a reverence for the native soil; an elaborate caste system with which to divide up the races; a preoccupation with one's place in society that's more important than money; a religious and political martyr (Gandhi, King) who preached nonviolence, led people to freedom, and was assassinated.
One of the pastas represents a twist on a Gallo family pesto recipe hearkening back to the Piedmontese Italian roots of wine pioneer Julio Gallo, Gina's grandfather and co-founder of the Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery whose parents immigrated to California in the early part of the last century.
Hearkening back to clocks that came equipped with not just audible time indications, but automatons as well, Ulysse Nardin's North Sea Minute Repeater depicts an off-shore drilling rig against a backdrop of champlevAaAaAeA@ enamel.
Here is a timeless tug-o-war, the staccato viola of Benjamin Britten's Lachrymae (1950) hearkening back to the lute-playing Tudor era and the original inspiration of a song by John Dowland.
An abiding respect for tradition flows through her work, hearkening back to her treasured first memories of learning to play.
It's not a novel idea, hearkening back to the days of paddy wagons.
At least four dozen people have been killed in ethnic clashes in southeastern Kenya, hearkening back to the widespread violence witnessed in the East African nation in the wake of the disputed 2007 presidential election.
The 58-year-old fair is one of the Valley's most cherished traditions, hearkening back to the Valley's agricultural history.
The 15,000-square-foot park will boast many novelties, including an eggplant-shaped empty swimming pool hearkening back to the days when Balteria skated - the days when kids still had to build their boards in high school wood-shop class, Balteria said.
Hearing him describe Jack's idyllic existence, you wonder if Davis is hearkening back to the fertile playground of his own California youth - a place that is precious not because it no longer exists, but because in some ways it never really did.