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Perhaps the candidates are hearkening back to yesterday because they know the American people are unhappy with today, and Barack's followers aside, are not looking forward to tomorrow with any anticipation of great days ahead under either party.
It's not a novel idea, hearkening back to the days of paddy wagons.
The live-action television show, based in the Twin Cities, will debut regionally on broadcast television this spring, hearkening back to whole-family-friendly children's television programming like "The Muppets" or "Yo Gabba Gabba.
The 58-year-old fair is one of the Valley's most cherished traditions, hearkening back to the Valley's agricultural history.
14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Hearkening back to a time long before shopping malls existed, a group of independent Detroit small businesses have joined forces in the downtown area.
The 15,000-square-foot park will boast many novelties, including an eggplant-shaped empty swimming pool hearkening back to the days when Balteria skated - the days when kids still had to build their boards in high school wood-shop class, Balteria said.
Discovering the rivers of America on an authentic paddlewheeler is one of the most unique and time-honored travel experiences, hearkening back to the America of yesteryear.
Hearing him describe Jack's idyllic existence, you wonder if Davis is hearkening back to the fertile playground of his own California youth - a place that is precious not because it no longer exists, but because in some ways it never really did.
In Escarra's first public appearance as Chief Customer Service Officer, she said early in her speech, "Delta will be a global airline of the future by hearkening back to the past.
It's the music of unassimilated peoples, hearkening back to the folk traditions of their fathers - the music of cultural resistance.
Both proposals contain a provision hearkening back to the 2002 decision that makes the rate hikes retroactive to May 2002, when the Commission initially lowered wholesale rates and when further reductions were contemplated.
Hearkening back to an era of refined style and simple cuisine, Americana's presentations are modernized classics with an Italian flare.