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The Barrel Shack's growing catalog of products is a rustic collection of handmade items which hearken back to the days when steam trains chugged their way across the country, speeding past humble homes hewn by the hands of sturdy men.
Hop in the Dark is part of Deschutes Brewery's Bond Street Series, which hearkens back to the experimental batches produced at the Deschutes pub in downtown Bend.
It hearkens back to the waterfront warehouse buildings and represents it faithfully without copying it," DeStefano told the Herald.
We think his choice is the right one, and hearkens back to the sound political instincts that inspired him to public service.
The line hearkens back to the mid-'80s, when Miller put a permanent twist on the menswear staple by coining the concept of "conversational ties"--those with bold, culture-referencing graphics.
A model of truth that hearkens back to Augustine, but that glides over any reading of Augustine's thoughts on sin, will not present a thoroughly Christian humanism.
has so artfully depicted the moment in his novel Jesus (Zondervan, 2005), the Son hearkens back to an evening prayer that he learned as a child, Psalm 31, and speaks the first-century Jewish equivalent of "Now I lay me down to sleep.
Mark James has created an original story that hearkens back to the legends of ancient Europe using a prose style that draws the reader through the pages with impatient curiosity.
While consumers today have many different options for adding fragrance to their homes, including electric plug-ins, diffusers, scent disks, sprays, potpourris, incense and bed linen sprays, candles alone are multi-sensory, imparting both scent to the home and a beautiful, romantic glow that hearkens back to an earlier time," pointed out Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing.
But now the term is considered one of honor that hearkens back to the first ``colored'' cavalry.
Madahbee hearkens back to the corporation's first client, a skilled mason who had no steady job, had no vehicle or tools, nor any source of commercial financing for Aboriginal people.
Sleek, compact and powerful, these machines have steadily replaced many lattice boom cranes whose design hearkens back to the Civil War era.