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Unique to America Hears, ESIN separates and amplifies the high frequency sounds that comprise 60% of speech, enhancing hearing in noisy environments such as crowded restaurants.
America Hears programs hearing aids at the factory precisely to the customer's audiogram, and America Hears' audiologists and professional fitters work collaboratively with customers to make additional adjustments over the internet using the Virtual Office software.
Since 2001, America Hears has designed and developed hearing aids and fitting programs that place hearing aid users in control of their own hearing health," said Henry C.
By making appropriately priced hearing-assistance products easily available to a broader market than ever before, America Hears is helping to expand the hearing-aid industry, which has experienced disappointingly slow growth in spite of the rapidly growing segment of the population suffering from age and job related hearing loss.
While not ``natural,'' he said, the implants enable 40 patients a year at UCLA's Head and Neck Surgery Clinic to hear a mother's whisper, the sounds of birds, breaking waves, the wind in the trees.
But the good news is it allows you to hear things that you couldn't even with the most powerful hearing aids.
The America Hears Virtual Office software, Freedom Programmer and cables are available for $299 and work with all America Hears hearing aids.
America Hears is the world's only manufacturer of premium digital hearing aids to sell and support its products directly over the Internet.
Patients undergo about 2 1/2 hours of outpatient surgery to implant an array of electrodes and a receiver under the skin behind one ear, but they cannot hear anything until an external microphone and computerized speech processor are centered over the implant about five weeks later, once the scalp has healed.
Many patients are discouraged at first because they seem to hear scratchy, indistinguishable noises, but the audiologist works to refine the programming and help the patient to either re-learn or to recognize different sounds.
The implant is not totally miraculous," said Fischer, who said it took her a good year to really be able to hear.