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"Whoever can look upon that mother's grief without springing to her relief has a heart of stone." "Give me some thirty or--sixty cents, my love," said the Major.
"So," replied De Winter, laughing, "that beautiful hair so skillfully disheveled, that white skin, and that languishing look, have not yet seduced you, you heart of stone?"
By day and night he made his moan: It would have stirred a heart of stone To see him wring his hoofs and groan, Because he could not jump.
It was the most romantic thing I ever saw--the river, the bridge of boats, the great fortress opposite, moonlight everywhere, and music fit to melt a heart of stone.
what a heart of stone he must have to presume on my poor nerves!"
Answer, devourer I answer, heart of stone! How shall I feed my orphans?
O, let me get into the bield of a house -- I'll can die there easier." I had no need to pretend; whether I chose or not, I spoke in a weeping voice that would have melted a heart of stone.
The cry was repeated, and in terms and tones that might have melted a heart of stone, but it was unanswered.
"That proves you have a wicked heart; and you must pray to God to change it: to give you a new and clean one: to take away your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh."
Captain Anthony had stopped for a moment staring ahead from the break of the poop, and poor Flora sent at his back a look of despairing appeal which would have moved a heart of stone. But as though she had done nothing he did not stir in the least.
'Gentlemen, I have heard my uncle say, that Tom Smart said the widow's lamentations when she heard the disclosure would have pierced a heart of stone. Tom was certainly very tender- hearted, but they pierced his, to the very core.
Describing and analyzing the ancient art on the walls of Utah's sandstone canyons, Jones and Miller cover when and where (and why); ancient art; time, space, culture, and symbolism on the walls of time; Utah: the Rock Art State; rock art culture history; images on stone mark the passage of time; ghost figures; the Fremont tradition; bighorn sheep; the man with a heart of stone; hunter-gatherer art; art and the mind of the creator; and a hundred years from now.

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