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Heartbreakingly schoolboy Callum once told his mum he wanted to die because he suffered from dyslexia but after receiving some help the little lad has now got his confidence back.
Whether you were there in the '70s or not, you'll agree this is a heartbreakingly wonderful collection.
As it happens, I agree with the millionaire lad who wrote the heartbreakingly beautiful ballads, Scorn Not His Simplicity and The Old Man.
By recreating the landscape through carefully composed black and white images and by selectively diffusing the light during the printing process, the artist presents a world that is heartbreakingly beautiful, but at the same time completely fabricated--reminding us gently, before we grow too sentimental, that there is really no such thing as natural beauty.
Heartbreakingly, "happygo-lucky" Conor - who played for the county's minor team and the u-21s - was due home for Christmas.
Enfant extraordinaire Fanning is, by turns, precocious and heartbreakingly fragile and Chatwin plies a nice line in rebellious adolescent.
Bello (still best known as Dr Anna Del Amico in ER) is also heartbreakingly brilliant as the bad girl trying to make good.
Sometimes, this works in its favor (buy it or not, the picture is worth sitting through just to get to Anna Deavere Smith's heartbreakingly rational presentation of a mother's abject devastation).
After raising thousands of neckhairs with a heartbreakingly simple ballad,You Bring Joy, the 'Modfather' returned to his routes.
He has zero confidence and is heartbreakingly selfcritical.
And when the lenses were trained on them their behaviour was heartbreakingly dignified.
It's also an exuberant celebration of the music life, no matter how dire, demeaning and heartbreakingly disappointing it can get.