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One friend of the couple said: "I am heartbroken for Christine.
A spokesman for Durham Constabulary said: "The woman is extremely shaken up by this incident and has been left heartbroken that her jewellery was stolen.
His father David Sturgess said: "I am absolutely heartbroken.
It's good to be noticed but we're pretty heartbroken at the moment," the Parramatta half-back said.
The five-time Wimbledon champ, aged 37, wrote on Facebook: "I am devasted [sic] and heartbroken by this accident.
She wrote: "I'm absolutely heartbroken to say my annoying best friend passed away tonight at 11.
I am absolutely heartbroken and it's hard to find the words at this distressing time to express just how much I will miss her.
A FAMILY have been left heartbroken after their much-loved pet was killed by a hit and run driver.
I am heartbroken by this senseless and cold blooded act of terror in Peshawar that is unfolding before us," Malala said in a statement.
Ahmed Al-Saffar, the brother of Mrs al-Hilli's dead mother, said: "The victims' family and I are heartbroken by this shocking crime and we have been touched by the expressions of sympathy from people all over the world.
We are heartbroken that our time with him was so brief," the family said in a statement.
Lever believes Jenny and Isabella, who were likely lifelong companions and probably even sisters, have been heartbroken since the auction.