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President Cyril Ramaphosa is heartened by the recovery being made by Sdumo Dlamini, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, who is being treated in a Durban hospital after taking ill on 14 July 2019.
Mr Forsyth said: "I am very heartened to report our good 2018 results - as expected turnover and profits have reduced from our 2017 exceptional year.
"I am actually quite heartened by the amount of people who have been in touch with me at different times to say, 'This is actually the right way forward'."
GEOFF omas was expecting erce criticism for his decision to get Lance Armstrong involved in his bid to complete the Tour de France route for charity, but the former Wolves footballer has instead been heartened by the reaction.
Summary: The second phase of the onshore oil survey has started in Lebanon, heartened by the encouraging results in first stage, an official with the company carrying out the work said Thursday.
However, Circuit of Wales supporters have been heartened by the news that Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has had its fears allayed over the scheme's visual impact.
I was neither amazed or heartened by the sight of these 'plucky pensioners'.
"I have spoken with a number of our top players and was really heartened by the response.
THE Commonwealth Games appeared to be pulled back from the brink of collapse after the Scotland and Wales teams announced they had been heartened by the latest developments in New Delhi.
Mrs Gillan admitted police budget cuts - around pounds 1.2m this year but set to be far higher in 2011 - will be a challenge but said she was "heartened" by the way the Chief Constable was tackling the problem.
Dear Editor, I was both saddened and heartened to read your statement in regarding the Birmingham Post's very future.
<strong>Investors heartened by jobs figures</strong><br> Investors heartened by the solidifying prospect of an economic recovery due to better than expected unemployment report for July, sent major stock indexes higher on Friday.