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Traders were also heartened by a better-expected reading for the July Conference Board index.
Archbishop Williams praised the Pope's ecumenical commitment: "I have been heartened by the way in which from the very beginning of your ministry as Bishop of Rome, you have stressed the importance of ecumenism in your own ministry .
I was heartened to hear Ian McCartney had suggested that MPs donate one day of their pay (after their own recent pay rise).
James Shapiro, a transplant surgeon at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, is heartened by the findings.
I obtained the necessary signatures, submitted the paperwork, and was heartened by the number of people who appeared at a City Hall meeting to defend the tree's positive contributions to the environment.
And adults in this country will be heartened by a tale that encourages international cooperation and friendship instead of the go-it-alone attitude fueling so much of our own recent and disastrous foreign policy.
As in previous years, we were immensely heartened by both the quantity, quality and geographical diversity of the entries.
In late July, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales heartened advocates of open government by suggesting that he'd consider reversing a 2001 memorandum issued by his predecessor John Ashcroft.
Obviously we are greatly heartened by the operations today," he said in Downing Street.
Relief Phase: Increasing heartened by Kerry's sober performance, we note the blinking and pouting of the "War President.
School board members Jimmy Fahrenholtz and Una Anderson, Amato supporters, filed a lawsuit and obtained an injunction against his firing at the hastily called June session The school board then rejected a proposal to settle the lawsuit by dropping a clause in Amato's contract that would have allowed the board to fire him without reason and by a simple majority vote, Amato says that despite the opposition, he will continue to work for change and is heartened by the support he has received from the community.