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That usually means that the product is far better than the public perception but judging by the take-up of the Korean company's latest range of vehicles, British car buyers are hearteningly well informed.
Hearteningly for those who consider any judicial killing a stain on humanity - but especially so in a country with a reputation for dubiously secured convictions and disquieting history of miscarriage of justice - none of the 132 people Japan's death row was executed in 2011.
In the midst of such hearteningly accomplished work, Matthew Darbyshire's shows-topping An Exhibition for Modern Living, 2010, occupied a central gallery like a Trojan horse.
Most hearteningly, Jaipur has created a space which didn't exist for Indian writing.
Hearteningly we seem to have discovered a talent who can handle stardom and keep his feet firmly on the ground.
Hearteningly, his week's conference 'From a Land of Plenty to a Land of ' Uncertainty' brought together leading thinkers, opinion formers and industry to debate solutions.
Hearteningly, Gifford promised she wouldn't jabber about her children on the show.
The subject of Brett Morgen's lyrical, unhurried, eight-part exploration of small town life is Watersmeet, Michigan, a folksy hamlet reminiscent of Mayberry and Lake Wobegone, but undeniably, hearteningly real.
Even so, the outcome is hearteningly humane, mining seams of sobriety and civitas that recall the best aspects of Scandinavian Modernism.
Hearteningly though, out of this let-down has arisen a vigorous ethical consumerism and the growing sense of a need to be a more responsible global citizen.
We parted company in 1984, and my travels in Turkey have been hearteningly celibate .
Does he not combine to good effect with his back line when Wales launch the hearteningly frequent raids out wide that are making them one of the most dangerous attacking sides on the planet?