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The prospects are hearteningly improved this year as a result of last fall's election, which increased Democratic majorities in the Legislature and should enable Democrats to withstand fierce lobbying by gun-rights groups, possible Democratic defections and the lockstep opposition of Republicans.
Hearteningly, this is not a trend solely relegated to the U.
And hearteningly, not one would have swapped their careers for the cash laden careers on offer in the modern age.
Links to his videos, quotes from his films and, hearteningly, to informative articles about depression and suicide which attempted to counter some of the damaging narratives emerging - such as that depression is something you can "snap out of" if you simply reflect on your charmed life as a Hollywood comedian.
U-Vistract propaganda mediated these class distinctions by portraying the poor, not merely as morally deserving but as hearteningly capable of achieving their own development without making undue demands on middle-class resources.
Hearteningly, this deeply-moving story about a pensioner wondering what happened to her young son put up for adoption was at No.
Finally the boy monster drops off to sleep, hoping his mother will somehow find something to love in such a monstrous boy, when he hears his father declare, hearteningly, "He isn't a monster, he takes after me
Hearteningly, there are also plenty of multigenerational planning stories that follow the script to a desirable outcome, where the adult children and grandchildren of a senior client played valuable roles in the planning process, helping protect their family's best interests along with those of their parent(s) or grandparent(s).
Hearteningly, child psychiatrist Rose feels that, while wider society may be 'stuck' in this traditional perception of self-harm, professionals who work with children and young people have most definitely 'moved on' from this view.
That usually means that the product is far better than the public perception but judging by the take-up of the Korean company's latest range of vehicles, British car buyers are hearteningly well informed.
Hearteningly for those who consider any judicial killing a stain on humanity - but especially so in a country with a reputation for dubiously secured convictions and disquieting history of miscarriage of justice - none of the 132 people Japan's death row was executed in 2011.
Unmasked, however, does not show viewers that subsequent, indispensable civil rights advocacy has, hearteningly, led to an amelioration of conditions.