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"My dear madam, accept my heartfelt congratulations!" cried the doctor.
But the firmness of it-- without anger, without a word of reproach, with heartfelt wishes even for his happiness--the firmness of it, I say, left him no hope.
Alleyne Edricson bent his head while the Abbot poured out his heartfelt supplication that Heaven would watch over this young soul, now going forth into the darkness and danger of the world.
Waldman expressed the most heartfelt exultation in my progress.
There was not one who did not sink upon his knees in heartfelt prayer when they saw the broad valley of Utah bathed in the sunlight beneath them, and learned from the lips of their leader that this was the promised land, and that these virgin acres were to be theirs for evermore.
It is the crowning circumstance of his earnest, heartfelt reception; and Kit fairly puts his arm round Whisker's neck and hugs him.
The quiet, heartfelt satisfaction of the old lady, and the rapturous delight of her daughterwho proved even too joyous to talk as usual, had been a gratifying, yet almost an affecting, scene.
Crupp, coming in to take away the broth-basin, produced one kidney on a cheese-plate as the entire remains of yesterday's feast, and I was really inclined to fall upon her nankeen breast and say, in heartfelt penitence, 'Oh, Mrs.
It was a mild, benevolent, pure glance, that spoke admiration and heartfelt pleasure.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs today offered a heartfelt tribute to the mothers who work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and who, as expressed by the president of the Organizational Climate Commission, Max Sandoval, "contribute with their efforts to the development of the country's foreign policy."
President ICCI Ahmed Hassan Moughal, Senior Vice President Rafat Farid and Vice President Iftikhar Anwar Sethi expressed deep sorrow over the sad demise of Muzzamil Hussain Sabri and conveyed heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.
Marquez gushed about Pinky's 'heartfelt love,' via an Instagram post yesterday, July 22.