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But he was deaf; and when the sexton (who peradventure, on a pinch, might have walked a mile with great difficulty in half-a-dozen hours) exchanged a remark with him about his work, the child could not help noticing that he did so with an impatient kind of pity for his infirmity, as if he were himself the strongest and heartiest man alive.
That put Jo at her ease and she laughed too, as she said, in her heartiest way, "We did have such a good time over your nice Christmas present."
Shuttleworthy's heart good to see the old fellow swallow it, as he did, quart after quart; so that, one day, when the wine was in and the wit as a natural consequence, somewhat out, he said to his crony, as he slapped him upon the back -- "I tell you what it is, 'Old Charley,' you are, by all odds, the heartiest old fellow I ever came across in all my born days; and, since you love to guzzle the wine at that fashion, I'll be darned if I don't have to make thee a present of a big box of the Chateau-Margaux.
"Thank heaven for that!" cried Polly, with the heartiest satisfaction in her voice.
'Mr Browdie,' said Kate, addressing his young wife, 'is the best- humoured, the kindest and heartiest creature I ever saw.
'I mean to knock your head against the wall,' neturned John Harmon, suiting his action to his words, with the heartiest good will; 'and I'd give a thousand pounds for leave to knock your brains out.
Ham echoed this sentiment, and we parted with them in the heartiest manner.
Every feature of the programme was perfectly executed and was viewed or participated in with the heartiest satisfaction by every visitor present.
Isabel dropped on her knees, and saluted her old playfellow with the heartiest kisses she had ever given him since the day when their acquaintance began.
He entered the bet in his book; and made his excuses to Smith and Jones in the heartiest way.
PAKISTANI youth Arslan Ash Siddique, the best Tekken player in the world, deserves heartiest congratulations for winning the Evo World Tournament by defeating 799 participants, including a former world champion.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday extended her heartiest congratulations to Boris Johnson on his assumption of office as the prime minister of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.