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There was something so very ghastly in this circumstance, and it appeared to account, in such a very strange and dismal manner, for his faded dress--which, in this new aspect, seemed discoloured by the earth from graves--that Mr Tappertit abruptly found he was going another way, and, stopping short, bade him good night with the utmost heartiness.
Willoughby preserved his heartiness, tempered by respect.
The heartiness with which she spoke, and the warmth of her words-- not of her manner, which was cold and distant--made him suspicious.
A Russian imbues his polite things with a heartiness, both of phrase and expression, that compels belief in their sincerity.
He greeted Trent with a heartiness which was partly tentative, partly boisterous.
said he, though perhaps with less heartiness than he had shown the day before.
Tudor gripped the Tahitian's hand a second time and shook it with genuine heartiness.
This was too much for Skipper, who laughed with such genial heartiness as to lay Jerry's silky ears back and down in self- deprecation of affection and pleadingness to bask in the sunshine of the god's smile.
Something had been wrong with that hand--the perfunctory way in which it had touched him under a show of heartiness that could well deceive the onlooker.
With that, Mr Quilp suffered himself to roll gradually off the desk until his short legs touched the ground, when he got upon them and led the way from the counting-house to the wharf outside, when the first objects that presented themselves were the boy who had stood on his head and another young gentleman of about his own stature, rolling in the mud together, locked in a tight embrace, and cuffing each other with mutual heartiness.
The authors suggest adding seitan for extra heartiness, but thats not (usually) my jam.
While the tempeh and treasury of spices lend unique heartiness to the stew, they are accompanied with a wealth of vegetables, giving this stew its divine mystical flavors.