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It was Herr Heartless, in disguise, and using a disguised voice.
Lady Lydiard had gravely misjudged him in believing him to be a heartless man.
None were spared, the place was but a shambles; there on that day died full seven thousand men, and still Chaka walked weeping among them, saying, "Take them away, the heartless brutes, take them away
This is a heartless act ignoring hard work, efforts and sentiments of the makers for few seconds of excitement
Heartless attitude to 'homeless beggar' MR G Grant of Hodge Hill (Birmingham Mail, January 16), what a heartless man you are, complaining in your own words, "there is a permanent homeless beggar at the rear of my supermarket".
LAHORE -- Chief Minister Punjab Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif has directed that heartless murderer and rape accused of the minor girl should be arrested immediately and no excuses will be accepted in this regard.
Addressing the meeting, CM Shehbaz Sharif directed that the heartless murderer and rape accused of the minor girl should be arrested immediately, no excuses will be accepted and the arrest of the accused be ensured without wastage of time.
LAHORE:Punjab chief minister Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has directed the IGP to arrest the heartless murderer and rapist of the minor girl immediately.
HEARTLESS raiders have ransacked and robbed a hospice charity shop just days before Christmas.
HEARTLESS thieves have stolen Christmas presents from a house during a daylight burglary.
A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: "It is unimaginable and heartless that someone would purposely hurt an animal and then leave it dying in the road.
DREAMers are productive and contributing members of our society, and ending this program would be not only a heartless betrayal, but also a devastating $460 billion blow to Americas economy.