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Go to the Herr Givenaught, go to the Herr Heartless, ask them to come and bid.
I watched his face while the friend who has been better than a father to him was comforting and forgiving him with a kindness he had not deserved: I watched his face, and I saw no shame and no distress in it -- I saw nothing but a look of thankless, heartless relief.
And ever as he walked he would wave his arm or his assegai, saying, "Take them away, the heartless brutes, who do not weep because my mother is dead," and those who chanced to stand before his arm were killed, till at length the slayers could slay no more, and themselves were slain, because their strength had failed them, and they had no more tears.
The foul fiend,'' exclaimed Cedric, ``take the curfew-bell, and the tyrannical bastard by whom it was devised, and the heartless slave who names it with a Saxon tongue to a Saxon ear
I don't like that explanation, Harry," he rejoined, "but I am glad you don't think I am heartless.
Lastly, in the theater itself, the celebrated, but heartless and soulless diva made the most scandalous remarks about Christine and tried to cause her endless minor unpleasantnesses.
Why, yes," replied the king smiling, in what I could but consider a very heartless manner, "they are no exception to the rule if they have married in the country.
I don't know what sort of folk they can be, so unfeeling and heartless, that rather than bestow a glance upon a worthy man they leave him to die or go mad.
We sat silent for a few moments, she wrapped in the gloomy thoughts of her terrible past, and I in pity for the poor creatures whom the heartless, senseless customs of their race had doomed to loveless lives of cruelty and of hate.
The sweetness was turned to adamantine, heartless cruelty, and the purity to voluptuous wantonness.
Phileas Fogg, though brave and gallant, must be, he thought, quite heartless.
The child made no objection, but Felicite sighed and thought Madame was heartless.