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In contrast, the celebrated American bass-baritone Kyle Ketelsen had to present the positive role of Ginevra's father, King of Scotland, who was heartlessly tricked by Polinesso.
It's shocking that an American president would think so reductively and heartlessly about so much of the world.
could not be trivialised so heartlessly by pushing all of it behind a monetary value and that too an imagined one,"a press release issued after the meeting in Islamabad said, in a reference to Trump's claim that the US has"foolishly"given Pakistan over $33 billion in aid over the last 15 years.
RSPCA inspector Nic de Celis said: "These tiny, newborn kittens, who seemed only days old, were found heartlessly dumped in a carrier bag, left in a bush to die.
When a nurse asked Share your views: www.mirror.co.uk/why her pay had fallen in real terms by 14 per cent, May heartlessly replied that there was no "magic money tree".
Most of the victims were children heartlessly gunned down while attending a Sunday Mass.
Instead, they ruthlessly and heartlessly allowed McClaren's livelihood to play out in the public sphere.
If you look at the social media response to it, most people seem to take the same view that I do - it was heartlessly over the top for the sake of proving a point.
"So we simply can not understand why this cruel decision was made so heartlessly."
By contrast, their father feels his spiteful, incessant clawing and despairs as the bird heartlessly mocks his sorrow.
There are countries abroad that are dying to protect their human capital and here we are heartlessly watching them die.
It seems to me that anyone with a decent head on their shoulders would understand that if you heartlessly and consistently undermine, abandon and neglect a whole swathe of society, any benefits as a result for anyone else will be short-lived.